Each piece of content you create tells a story – from the hero image on your website’s homepage to your Instagram post, animated video, and marketing email. Each gives a glimpse of the larger story you are trying to tell – who you are and what makes your brand unique. The way you engage your audience and tell your story is through content marketing. But, content marketing is more than just writing great content. To understand the full picture, a playbook is needed.

eastlackmedia’s Content Marketing Playbook


The roadmap you follow throughout the entire playbook that answers questions such as, “What content will you create?” “How will you share it?” “What does success look like to you?” “How can it be better?” Don’t create content for the sake of creating content. Each piece of content you create should lead you one step closer to accomplishing a goal.


Content is how you tell your brand’s story. Creating content should be fun, exciting and worthwhile. Use your creative energy to generate ideas that resonate with your audience.


Spreading the word and raising awareness around the new blog post you just wrote or the checklist you just published requires a lot more than sharing it on Facebook and Twitter every few days. While social media provides a powerful outlet to share content, it’s not the only option. Knowing how to incorporate email, advertising, the website, and more are just as important, if not more so.


How well is your content marketing working? Establishing a set of criteria that define success will allow you to gauge if your strategy is the right one. If your audience is not actively engaged, perhaps an adjustment is needed. You’ll only know for sure if you monitor and measure your content’s performance.


Congrats, you are creating great content, but could your content be even better? Once you’ve published a blog post, it shouldn’t just sit idle. Perhaps a new study was just released with statistics that would further improve upon your article. Going back to update and optimize content in this way can prolong its shelf-life and increase its relevance.