Content Marketing Playbook

Content Marketing Playbook


Content Marketing is more than just writing great content and launching it into digital orbit.

It’s also about learning, analyzing, and optimizing your approach to fine-tune your tactics and increase brand awareness.

A content strategy is your roadmap to creating content that is valuable to your audience and paints your brand as a thought leader. It answers questions such as what content will you create, how will you create it, and how will you share it.

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Once you’ve built the foundation of your content marketing playbook, you can begin creating content around your strategy. Your brand’s success is tied directly to the content you produce. Therefore, creating content with consistent with your brand guidelines defined in your content strategy is a strong indicator of how influential your brand is.

Learn the best methods and tools for creating content


After you’ve created your content following the brand guidelines outlined in your content strategy, it’s a matter of figuring out the right channels to share the content. Content Syndication deals with the process of distributing your content to various channels such as social media or email and engaging with your audience through the content you’ve created.

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Nearly every content marketing campaign involves a healthy dose of trial and error. Your content marketing strategy should be fluid and ever evolving based on the insights you discover through analyzing your content marketing.

Measure and analyze key elements of your content marketing


What good is your content if it can’t be found? This simple concept is what makes content optimization such a critical phase in your content marketing playbook.

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All big ideas have small beginnings, but then transform into something extraordinary. The tiniest idea can have an enormous impact when given the right amount of care. That’s the beauty of content marketing and the thinking behind my blog, eastlackmedia | Your Creative Content Marketing Playbook. My mission is to provide brands and content marketers the ultimate playbook to a successful content marketing program.

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