It’s a big question that a lot of people ask. What’s the best schedule for pushing out new content, whether that be to your blog, social media updates, infographics, videos, and so on. At what frequency should you share something new with your audience? It’s a delicate balance between creating too few content that you risk losing your audience’s interest and creating too much content that you risk over saturating your audience causing them to tune you out.

How many types of content do you produce? If you create any of the following (you should be if you’re reading this blog post) then here are a few thoughts on how often you should push out new content. 

Blog Posts

Since this blog is merely my hobby and an outlet to share my thoughts outside of work, my schedule only permits me to publish one blog post a week to eastlackmedia and sometimes even that can be challenging. If I had the time, I’d love to write more frequently.

My recommendation is to publish a new blog post every 3 to 5 days out of the week to see the desired increase in website traffic you’re aiming for. Have you thought about publishing blog posts over the weekend? I schedule mine to go live Saturday mornings when there is less clutter compared to during the week.

Social Media

The best strategy implements different posting schedules per social network. You should be sharing to Twitter far more than you do to Facebook. Each social network is different in their own right with unique characteristics and should be treated as such. If you post the same message at the same time to each social network, you are handcuffing yourself from the very start. From my experience, try a schedule like something along these lines. These will obviously be dependent on the industry you’re working in.

  • Twitter – 3 to 5 tweets per day
  • Facebook – 3 to 5 posts per week
  • Google Plus – 5 posts per week
  • LinkedIn – 4 to 6 posts per week
  • Pinterest – 2 to 4 pins a week


Creating videos should become a key focus in your content marketing strategy moving forward. I believe creating a video per quarter so 4 in a year will give you enough time to produce a high-quality video and have time to properly promote it before you release the next one. If you’re tight on budget or limited resources, even converting a blog post into a video presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint doesn’t take much time or creativity and throwing in a catchy jingle to it can be powerful.


Similar to videos, creating infographics should be another key focus. People eat up pictures and pictures that can tell a story and convey an important message is everything you need. Creating an infographic per quarter, 4 per year will do the trick.

Creating videos and infographics can be challenging. If you or your team doesn’t have the expertise, turn to a professional. The beauty of writing blog posts and social media updates is that anyone can do it given a little training.

What do you think? Is there a common standard on how frequent brands should publish new content? Or does it entirely depend on each situation?

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About Steven Eastlack

Steve Eastlack is a Content Marketing Strategist and writes articles related to content marketing, social media marketing, and brand strategy on his blog – eastlackmedia. He works for Surefire Local, headquartered in Tysons, VA and holds degrees in Marketing Management and Psychology from Virginia Tech. Through the use of developing a content strategy, writing monthly editorial calendars and content, and performance reports, Steve helps to build audience and awareness for brands across all digital platforms. When he’s not busy with work, you can find Steve either watching a movie or sporting event or writing for his blog.