One of the hottest trends lately in content marketing has been the rise of podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to tell your story or educate. 2015 was the year podcasting made its way toward the mainstream.

Podcasts are how many content marketers are breaking through the noise, getting noticed and making a real connection with their audiences. It’s easy to see why when today so many cars are rolling off the assembly line with podcast players installed in them. The potential reach may be higher than any other type of content.

Watch this quick clip from Copyblogger on the definition of podcasting.

Quite simply, a podcast is audio content you can subscribe to and listen to on-demand. You’ve probably heard of or heard people in passing talk about the podcast Serial. What draws people to listen to podcasts is that you can listen to it whenever you have free time. And, what’s great about podcasts are that they are truly a mobile experience. You can listen to podcasts while walking, jogging, driving, or relaxing on a swaying hammock.

When you are planning out your podcast strategy, you’ll want to know how to measure success. Pay attention to the number of downloads and listeners of your podcast as well as how its ranked on whichever site you host it on. SoundCloud and iTunes seem to be popular favorites.

Share your podcast on social media whenever you record a new episode and incorporate an intro and outro call-to-action to drive people to make a decision.

Creating a podcast is relatively easy and straight forward. I use a tool called Audacity on my laptop. Mac’s have their own pretty neat podcast editor too. Audacity is easy to use and takes no time at all learning the ropes. It’s as easy as hitting record and then talking.

Here are a few ideas to help get your podcast up and running:

  • Interview an expert in your industry
  • Interview employees in your company
  • Record audio versions of your most popular blog posts

Homework Assignment: Create an account on SoundCloud (it’s free!) for your podcast. Then start listening to these marketing podcasts to see how the pros do it and then record your very first podcast!

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