Social Media Marketing 101 for Brand Managers

For ultimate success in today’s landscape, your business must have a presence on social media. Although it may take a significant time investment, the return could be tenfold. Brands who have the right strategy in place can become a fan favorite and attract more customers than you know what to do with. To help get up and running, here are 6 tips for first timers looking to start their social media efforts or for experienced marketers looking to revamp or retool their social media strategy.

Let Your Target Audience Determine Your Social Presence

As you begin to build your brand on various social networks, plan your types of content to that of which your customers desire the most and include offers that are attractive to them. Make a point to educate and inform rather than sell. People don’t want to be sold to on social media. Attempting to do just and only that will backfire on you. Your customers will thank you and love you if you avoid straight up sales pitches.

Focus on a Few, Not All

It’s better to be deep than broad in social media engagement. Figure out which sites your customers are most active on and where your content gets received the best. For example, if you’re looking to share a new whitepaper or case study, those types of content tend to do best on LinkedIn.

Social Media Strategy

Identify and Leverage Social Influencers

To get the most bang for your buck, you have to take advantage of social influencers. If you’re looking to generate real demand for your product or service, there no better way than getting someone who’s respected in that industry to help promote your business. These influencers have crazy fans who do whatever they tell them to do. A simple shout out from the right person can be more than enough. Reaching out to influencers though requires a delicate balance. You need to show your respect for them and develop a relationship before they’d be willing to help you out. A good start is to share some of their content to show your interest.

Know That Conversations Are Key

Monitor each social network carefully to see what sorts of exchanges take place. Match content to relevant hashtags and trending topics your customers want to learn more about. Follow your customers and engage with them. You’ll begin to get a sense of what your customers are discussing which gives ides for creating content geared towards sparking conversation and will get shared.

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Draw Content from Relevant Sources

While creating your own content is always a great way to go, it’s also very time consuming. So curating content can be extremely beneficial and it helps prove your expertise to customers. It also has the benefit of potentially drawing in followers from other thought leaders and publications to your own. I personally use Feedly for all my content generation. You can select which blogs and sites you want to follow so you have a constant flowing list of great ideas to pool from.

Clear Call to Actions

As you are building your social media presence, don’t forget about the individual aspect; about the people you came there to engage with and to serve. Be sure your offers are geared to those you want to target and make sense. Call to actions should be clear, concise and straight to the point so that everyone and anyone can easily understand the end goal. They should know what they’re clicking on for before they actually click.


What I’ve always found important to know is that a business should not be on every social media platform just for the sake of being there.

We’re in a world with so much noise when it comes to marketing and in particular social media. It’s worth it to spend the time maximizing a few select social media platforms rather than half-a** it on all of them. Find out which social networks are a good fit for your business and go from there. You can even use those sites that are less important to your business to help populate your more active sites with content. As always, a clear call to action is an absolute must. Make it easy and simple for your readers to know the goal of your post. Be straightforward and truthful and your readers will want to come back for more and that’s when you have them!

It’s clear that social media has become essential for businesses of all sizes to incorporate it into their online marketing strategies. These 6 tips can help you focus your social media strategy on the core principles for ultimate success as you plan out your brand’s social identity.

What do you think of my social media playbook for beginners?

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