Is Your Content Getting Noticed?

To say we live during a time where there is simply too much content being created and shared would be an understatement. Thank you, Captain Obvious! So what can you do? Content marketers are constantly faced with this challenge. It can’t be just about creating content anymore. Each piece of content you create and share should have a purpose, been carefully thought out, and is something you know will move the needle and get noticed. It ultimately needs to tie in with your goals, whatever they may be and put you one step closer to achieving them.

Creative thinking is your new best friend. It’s what separates just an ordinary blog article or video that goes unnoticed on social media versus one that receives hundreds of comments and shares. It’s what gets the subject line to be opened by 77% of your email subscribers versus another subject line that gets a 13% open rate.

The best thing about creative thinking is that anyone can do it and it’s free to do. Below are a few ways I’ve had success with that can help spark your own creative energy and then harness that creativity to create meaningful content.


  • Work in a quiet space that doesn’t have a lot of distractions from other people. If you have a team brainstorm, find a meeting area off to the side somewhere.

  • Play some music in the background. Whenever I’m struggling to think creatively, I love to open Spotify and listen to scores from some of my favorite movies or songs by AudioMachine.

  • Once you have an idea, take a step back and think it over. See if you can put yourself in your audience’s shoes and how you would react if you saw it.

  • Try to follow a schedule. You know how your mind and body work and when you’re at your most creative. You also know when you have meetings scheduled that’ll take time away from creative thinking. Try to find a time each day or a few days throughout the week, when you know you’ll have some time to get away and brainstorm new ideas for content.


Once you’ve started writing, don’t stop. It doesn’t matter if what you’re writing at any given second, you don’t love. When you go to reread it, what you have written down could spark another idea that improves it even more. There is no such thing as a bad idea. Sometimes a not-so-great idea could lead you or someone on your team down the path of discovering an out-of-this-world-amazing idea.



Every piece of content you create tells a story. These stories should all be consistent that share similar theme that builds your brand.

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Each story you tell should be written and displayed in a way that makes it easy to understand and place you one step closer to achieving your goals.

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